Botox injections are a quick, safe and relatively painless treatment for the removal of wrinkles. These injections are for dynamic wrinkles (wrinkles present when you move the face). Grab a mirror right now, raise your eyebrows and see if you have any furrows running horizontally on your forehead. These forehead wrinkles are great for botox injections!

Botox is not injected in the lips, contrary to popular belief. The injections are performed in the forehead, between the eyebrows, sides of the eye, around the lips and chin, neck, scalp, hands, feet, and armpits. Some of the injections of botox are considered off label areas but are commonly done. When performing injections in the scalp, armpits, feet, or hands, the goal of the is to reduce sweating. These injections usually require an entire bottle of 100 units and therefore the cost is higher, are somewhat painful given the distribution of nerve pain fibers, and are only short lived. There are alternative treatments for excessive sweating that may be more cost effective and also more efficacious with less pain.

The results of the injections are seen in 3-7 days and usually have to re inject in about 3-4 months. Potential side effects include bruising, under correction or over correction of wrinkles. The cost is $14 per unit and the average face is 20-40 units but may vary, insurance not accepted for this and although some places do botox injections for migraine headaches, we do not do this for this indication here. We do not provide daily specials on botox as we use only 100% authentic product from Allergan (official and only manufacturer of Botox cosmetic in the USA) and no fake products and you only get injected by a qualified boboard-certifiededical doctor or board certified nurse practitioner. A lot of patients search for botox near me in google, but unfortunately go with the cheapest cost and don’t look at the overall experience or the qualifications of the injector. See botoxcosmetic.com for further details on Allergan and understanding what botox can do.

There is a savings card which you can learn more about here from Allergan at botox savings Dermal fillers such as Juvederm are gel like substances used to fill in areas where volume is lost such as thin lips, flattened nose, lines around the mouth called nasolabial folds. Treatment with dermal fillers takes a little longer than botox injections as we first numb the area prior to injection with an anesthetic and sculpt the face in an artistic way to create the most desirable result. Volume restoration is seen immediately after injection with the dermal filler and results usually last about 6 months Potential side effects of Juvederm are overcorrection, undercorrection, bruising.

Juvederm is $600 for the first syringe and $500 each syringe thereafter. Insurance is not accepted for dermal fillers or botox.